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Screenshot of ThermoDat. It shows the fluid information tab.
Screenshot of ThermoDat (Click to enlarge)

ThermoDat is a graphical front-end for the popular thermophysical library CoolProp. CoolProp is a versatile library of thermophysical properties of fluids. CoolProp provides thermophysical properties of 123 different fluids commonly used in refrigeration and heating industry.

Screenshot of ThermoDat in Refrigerant-Slider-Mode
Screenshot of ThermoDat in refrigerant-slider-mode (Click to enlarge)

Features of ThermoDat

ThermoDat is

Screenshot of ThermoDat. It shows the tab for extracting 2-parameter properties.
Screenshot of ThermoDat (Click to enlarge)
  • intuitive and simple to use
  • 123 different fluids
  • Usefull physical properties like: density, molar mass, phase, enthalpy, viscosity
  • Refrigerant slider included
  • available under the GPL license

Download ThermoDat

ThermoDat is available for download at

Download ThermoDat

Project Page

Download ThermoDat

ThermoDat now also includes a refrigerant slider.

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